Jill, PhD

Nothing better than celebrating a friend’s success. Jill passed her PhD’s exams last month. We celebrate it in a place where after a few drinks, we are all PhD people.

PhD Pub, Chicago
PhD Pub, Chicago

Roses for Jill
Roses for Jill

I rarely go out, perhaps I rarely want to go out. It is such the case that when I attend parties, reunions, gatherings, etc, someone will look at me surprised. This year I went out more than last year (2014) because I said that I was going to start making as priority to hang out with friends and go out with family more often. We all have excuses, some are valid, but sometimes we get too attached to the computer, to Netflix, to TV shows, etc that we get lazy to go out. I’m guilty of everything I mentioned before. I say more “Yes, I’ll be there” than “I don’t know, let me see,” “maybe,” etc.

When Jill told me that she was going to celebrate that she passed her PhD, I knew I had to be there. Jill is such a wonderful and smart lady. I couldn’t miss this amazing moment. We met in grad school when we both started studying at UIC. She began her PhD, and I started my Masters. I have a vague idea of the hard work, commitment and dedication that a PhD requires, but I have witness her passion for her studies and all the work that she does in school. I’m sure it’s not easy to teach and to be a PhD student at the same time.

All you can drink
All you can drink

Do I spend most of the time in pubs, bars and taverns? I think I do. I blame my friends, like Jill 🙂


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