Friends forever

I met Alex while I was in college around 2009. His wife, Betty, was pursuing a Ph D at the U of I By that time, I led a Spanish conversational group that met every Monday afternoon in the Illini Union. Alex was looking for opportunities to meet people and help others learn Spanish. The coordinator of the program introduced me to Alex. Since then, Alex, Betty and I have been friends, great friend I should say. They both have become part of my family.

Alex, a wise, talented, educated and amazing man has been an important support in my life. Betty and Alex are graduating next May 2016. They’re getting ready to move back to their hometown in Colombia. I am extremely happy for them and proud of their accomplishments. Behind all my excitement, there is sadness. It’ll be difficult for them to travel to Chicago and for me to travel to Colombia. Although we will be far away from each other, I am sure that our friendship will remain untouched. Distance won’t affect the strong friendship we have.

Alex and I met at the Pompei Restaurant this week. He was showing me his new camera he got it for free from a person he knows. Long story. Here is one of those pictures I took of him:

Alex | Pompei Restaurant, Chicago |
Alex | Pompei Restaurant, Chicago |


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