Breakfast with Vic

Peaceful Memorial Day Weekend. I worked all day on Friday and Saturday, but Sunday was relaxed and quiet. I had breakfast with my mom and my nephew Victor at Cozy Corner.

Victor takes his friend Wolfie everywhere except to school.

Vic and his friend Wofie
Vic and his friend Wolfie

I always get excited when I find gluten free pastries especially those that are baked in local bakeries. The fresher the better. I have the pleasure to know Vern, one of the owners of Sweet Cakes Bakery.  I’ve been doing business with him since last year, but I didn’t noticed they had a gluten free chocolate mini cake. I was missing so much!! It’s just  a perfect treat for those of us who are in a gluten-free diet. The Gluten Free flourless chocolate mini cake is moist, perfect amount of sugar, not too sweet, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. If you live in Chicago, you have to try it, it won’t disappoint you.

Gluten Free Chocolate Mini Cake
Gluten Free Chocolate Mini Cake

Heading downtown this afternoon. Looks like it will rain, but I think I can get interesting images with rain.

Have a lovely Memorial Day!


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